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University Classes - Dropping Out / Withdrawal

There are two ways to leave a class.  You either drop out, or you withdraw.  Dropping out usually means you are going to get a failing grade and you don't care about it.  But primarily, dropping out refers to leaving college life altogether.  So if you intend to say that you dropped out of a class, you should use withdraw.  There are several time periods for withdrawal.  The first week, there is no penalty.  The second week up to the first month, a W will show up on your transcript.  And finally, withdrawal after the half way point will give you a failing grade.  But this is dependent on each school policy.  So learn the withdrawal format of your school.  I was using the dates mentioned above only as an example.  Let's learn some sentences to say these kinds of things.

"I dropped out of my chemistry class."
"I withdrew from my biology class."
"I had too many classes as it is, so I dropped out of my statistics class."
"I couldn't keep up with the schedule, so I dropped out of that class."
"I couldn't understand the material, so I withdrew."
"I hated the professor, so I just withdrew."

If you need to ask questions about withdrawal, these may help:

"When is the last day to withdraw?"
"If I withdraw now, will it show up on my transcript?"
"Does a withdrawal look bad on the transcript?"
"How do I drop out of a class that I don't want to take anymore?"
"What is the procedure to withdraw from class?"
"How do I withdraw from a certain class?"

Other things you might want to say when discussing this topic...

"Are you sure you want to drop out of that class.  You only have 4 more weeks.  At least you can get the credit."
"If I stay in that class, I'm going to screw up my GPA."
"The best I can do is a C in this class.  I don't want a C on my transcript.  I'm going to withdraw from the class."
"If you get a bad grade, can't you just re-take the course?"
"Even if I retake the course, both grades are used.  This school has a different system where re-taking the course doesn't really help."

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